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Build Your Community of Experts

The BrandFocused partnership program allows retailers, distributors, associations and influencer networks to build a solid brand community focused on increasing product knowledge.

Who Can Join For Free

Retail Sales Associates

Sales associates and other retail employees get paid to know what the best products are. Their job proves they know their stuff and qualify to join BrandFocused.


Members of industry organizations and others who play a role in an industry qualify. Their expertise makes them a great source of trustworthy product advice.

Social Influencers

Anyone who is passionate about the products they use or know about for the purpose of providing expert recommendations to a group or following.

How Does It work?

First we need to join forces and look at the selling culture that currently exists in your organization. This way we gain a full understanding of how brand information is managed within your company.

Build your source of truth

By consolidating your product knowledge information into one place we create a source of truth for all the products that you sell.

Recognize employee value

Rewards and incentives are great but recognition is what most sales associates want. We encourage a strong sense of community and participation to drive engagement and increased sales performance.

Build better brand relationships

We work with brands to develop content that improves knowledge retention. We focus on the information that drives the best results. Our enhanced analytics will help to determine the best approach to maximize the impact of all your product knowledge information.

Managed Solution

We do the heavy lifting for you. Our solutions include all aspects of managing and maintaining your content as well as building relationships with the brands that provide your content.

Its Free

Our brand partners pay for the privilege of working with organizations like yours — so you, and your employees, can benefit from always updated content.

Ottolearn - Drive Greater Sales Performance

Sales associates need a better solution to improve engagement and accessibility to multiple devices and evolving work environments. Let us show you how greater knowledge retention and engagement is possible within your current learning ecosystem.

Customized Content

We take your existing training materials and convert them into e-learning modules and assessments that help to achieve your company’s training goals.

Adaptive Micro-learning

We deliver better results because our platform is based on proven learning techniques, like Spaced Repetition, microlearning and gamification.

Knowledge Management

Our approach means your employees learn more quickly and remember training for longer, so you see an improved ROI compared to our competitors.

Mobile First, Desktop Friendly

Use with your favorite browser on any device. Learners can download OttoLearn’s iOS or Android app to get push notifications and stay engaged anywhere.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • greater confidence
  • better product recommendations
  • increased sales performance
  • improved knowledge retention
  • less time spent on irrelevant training


Absolutely nothing. Brands connect with BrandFocused to find industry professionals and sales associates to build relationships that result in trusted recommendations. These brands value the power of recommendations from the employees in organizations like yours.

Sign up is easy and we have several options to create a secure and customized solution that will work within your organization.

No. Your members’ information is private and we will never ask you to share it. We’ll provide materials to help your employees to understand the benefits of BrandFocused or any private community you may need.

BrandFocused will work closely with you to start developing relationships on your behalf with any brand required to support your product knowledge program.

We offer in-house retail group management to handle most of the day-to-day tasks and touch base with you regularly about special updates, campaigns and considerations.

Choose the award-winning online training ecosystem experts

Our solutions boost training outcomes because they are tailored specifically to your needs and your learners. Call our experts to start planning your online training ecosystem today.

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