Ottolearn - Personalized
Adaptive Micro-learning

Simply tell Otto what each learner needs to know, how deeply they need to know it, and for how long they should retain it. Otto will take care of the rest.

  • Gamification


Gamify your microlearning with leaderboards and contests!

Use leaderboards and contests to motivate learners, enhance team building, and drive performance! Through the OttoLearn platform, you can set up a pre-built contest within seconds. The contests are designed to target specific learning and performance goals. Then, show progress with a leaderboard for maximum peer-to-peer encouragement. Get started with ease and use our leaderboards and contests to reward your learners.

  • Earn Mastery Points by learning and retaining training
  • Customizable leaderboards & contests for accountability, increased motivation, and to show peer to peer progress
  • Custom badges to award your learner’s achievements
  • A reward store for your learners to trade their points for prizes such as gift cards
  • Combines powerful gamification motivation factors and microlearning in one revolutionary training platform

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  • Custom Content Creation

The real rapid authoring tool

Micro-learning content should be as quick and easy to create as it is for learners to use. With OttoLearn, it is. Otto’s integrated Content Studio lets you create and deploy content shockingly fast.

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  • Knowledge Cards

On Demand - Sales Performance Support

Empower your learners by delivering product support On-Demand, designed to quickly communicate all the features, advantages and benefits of the products you sell.

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  • Insights

Visualize your success

OttoLearn has a gorgeous suite of data visualization tools.

* Mastery & Engagement Overview * Learner Engagement * Assignment Engagement * Knowledge Gaps & Lifts * Knowledge Card Views

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A global platform that supports global brands in every geography

The Otto micro-learning platform is intensely multilingual. You can choose from one of our pre-defined language sets or define your own for ultimate customization.

  • Deliver Global Learning Experiences

    With OttoLearn, you can currently choose from 20 different languages

  • Easily Create Multilingual Content

    Easily create multilingual versions of your content with OttoLearn's built-in translation tool.

  • Global Content Delivery Network

    Otto works over Amazon’s global infrastructure with low latency and high reliability.