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Award-winning OttoLearn redefines microlearning using gamification features you won’t find elsewhere.

With its gamified, agile approach, OttoLearn eliminates knowledge gaps and builds long-term knowledge retention. OttoLearn delivers engaging, relevant content in short bursts, improving training outcomes and enhancing employee performance.

Available as a standalone or integrated solution, OttoLearn streamlines online training design, development, and deployment. And eliminates enrollment headaches while easing learning management. 

Drive learner engagement with always-relevant gamified microlearning

Learners often avoid doing their training. Or skip through it as fast as they can. Either way, it’s not effective. They’re not learning or retaining the content. But not with OttoLearn.

OttoLearn gamified microlearning changes all of that:

OttoLearn is agile.

That means it delivers continuous learning in short, narrowly-focused, mobile-friendly chunks of content.

OttoLearn is adaptive, which means that each learner receives a unique mix of content targeted to their learning goals and existing knowledge.

OttoLearn uses gamification principles that leverage intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to vastly improve the learner experience.

Ottolearn sets a new standard in product knowledge training

In a continuously evolving industry, Ottolearn has set new standards in adaptive micro-learning by recognizing the need for a more personalized journey to mastery. User progress and results are clearly defined and displayed using an enhanced UI for immediate recognition of current results and next steps.

An Advanced UI plus informative visual graphics helps a learner understand the point of journey for all key learning initiatives.

Visualize your success

Learning and development professionals often struggle to demonstrate ROI — prove the value and effectiveness of their training products.

No more! OttoLearn gathers data and makes it easy to correlate that date with your KPIs and create clear visualizations.

Built-in analytics and data visualization tools include panels for:

Built for mobile,
designed for

Flexible, agile, gamified OttoLearn is the ideal solution to your training challenges

Reach learners wherever they are, with flexible, mobile-first, on-demand training content that has gamification built-in.

OttoLearn is quick to deploy and easily fits the needs of mobile workers, sales professionals, workers who need to quickly access information — any busy learner, anywhere!

Choose the award-winning online training ecosystem experts

Our solutions boost training outcomes because they are tailored specifically to your needs and your learners. Call our experts to start planning your online training ecosystem today.

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