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Product Knowledge For Retail Experts

BrandFocused for Experts is an elite community of experts, influencers and professional sales associates that are looking for a product knowledge space built especially for them.

You're great at your job and you know a lot,
but theres more to learn.



a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

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Reach hundreds of brands that want to built a knowledge relationship with you. Showcase your expertise to others in your industry and participate as someone people can trust as an expert.

Who can join.

Retail Associates

Sales associates and other retail employees get paid to know what the best products are. Their job proves they know their stuff and qualify to join Experts.

Industry Experts

Members of industry organizations and others who play a role in an industry qualify. Their expertise makes them a great source of trustworthy product advice.

Social Influencers

Anyone who is passionate about the products they use or know about for the purpose of providing expert recommendations to a group or following.