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Custom Content

Instructional Design Studio

We build custom content focused on feature, advantage, benefit selling. Let us create your next product knowledge module 

The Sky's The Limit

We Produce Solutions That Help Increase Sales

With a focus on product knowledge training, our solutions will help your people gain the knowledge they need to improve conversations at the point of sale.

Inspired By Design

We Produce Engaging Content

We bring together multiple topics and content formats so that we can both inspire brand affinity and deepen product knowledge. Our most successful brands share both custom and templated content pieces with experts to achieve frequent and meaningful engagement throughout the year.

Services We Provide

Full Service Design

Our experienced team of creative designers and content developers can tackle even the most complex projects.

Specialized Content

Need something special? Our design team can handle all requests for any kind of digital content.


Your learning plan starts with a solid strategy to execute and deploy information in a clear and coordinated manner.

Content Marketing

Reach out to your sales teams with advance launch details, specialized information or anything prior to a product release.

Data Analytics

We can build a fully customized analytics dashboard which correlates engagement and mastery with your KPIs and metrics.

Professional Development

Add specialized content for professional development from a vast array of available proven learning programs.

Products We Produce

Custom Lessons

Custom Lessons

Give experts the whole story about why and how to recommend your brand. Our Design team will conduct a complete brand immersion, interview relevant experts, and build out a full-screen, interactive lesson that’s tailored to your brand’s unique personality.

Best for:

  • Authentic brand stories
  • Expert-driven stories
  • High-priority product launches
  • In-depth lessons on core technologies
  • Product collections

Templated Lessons

Share the essential details about your key products in a streamlined template that enables rapid development and frequent updates to your experts. You will be asked to complete a Discovery Brief to ensure the content aligns with your learning objectives.

Best for: 

  • A brand primer
  • Technology one sheet
  • High-priority product launches
  • Expert spotlights
  • Featured product common use cases

Templated Lessons

Customer Supplied Video

Supplied Video

For brands who would like to feature their own video content as a stand-alone piece, this lesson type allows for rapid sharing with your expert audience. Instructional designers will add closed captions, short intro copy and gamification if applicable.

Best for:

  • Rapid updates
  • Product demos
  • Expert testimonials
  • Brand stories

Knowledge Cards

With the Ottolearn option we can create the perfect performance support through Knowledge Cards.

Search or browse by category

Otto tracks all searches and knowledge card interactions, and correlates it to your learners’ mastery. This allows you to see where your learners are spending time looking up knowledge and how learners gain independence as their mastery increases.

Discover areas of improvement

Otto will analyze your learners searches to discover areas of knowledge that need to be supported. 

Knowledge Cards

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