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Need Trusted Recommendations

By registering your brand you now have the advantage of a consolidated knowledge network that works on your behalf to drive your brand knowledge to the people that represent your products on the retail sales floor.

The number of product choices is overwhelming for consumers

They need voices they can trust for advice on what to buy.

Brands need to find and strengthen the voices of those being asked for advice. These people are experts, and we help brands scale to drive stronger product recommendations.

The impact of a consumer’s buying journey is heavily influenced at each stage in the decision making process. Product knowledge and continued reinforcement makes for a healthy marketing ecosystem.

The most effective brand assets for your organization are the people whose recommendations matter most:

Social Influencers

Anyone who is passionate about the products they use or know about for the purpose of providing expert recommendations to a group or following.

Industry Experts

Members of industry organizations and others who play a role in an industry qualify. Their expertise makes them a great source of trustworthy product advice.

Retail Associates

Sales associates and other retail employees get paid to know what the best products are. Their job proves they know their stuff and qualify to to make expert recommendations.

Register your brand today to connect your valued retail advocates to your product information.

Reach thousands of sales associates that want to built a knowledge relationship with you. Share your expertise to others in your industry and participate as someone people can learn from to become an expert.

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