Ottolearn New Updates

We’ve released a major update to our learner-side user interface, now available for preview! Previewing the New UI To experience the new UI log into your learner application, open the top-right menu, and select “Try new design (beta)”. This will switch your user account over to the new learner interface, but you can switch back at any time. Experiencing the New UI Otto’s new … Read More

Is Knowledge Retention Part of Your Learning Strategy?

What’s more important? Learners completing their training, or remembering it? If it’s the latter, then a traditional, large eLearning course, which presents vast amounts of content in a single module, is not the most effective for learners to retain what they’ve covered. “The purpose of instruction is to store information in long-term memory. That information consists of everything that has been … Read More

Why Your Course Completions are Misleading You

L&D departments track course completions more than any other eLearning metric. High course completion rates are typically how executives measure the performance of an L&D group. If better than 90 percent of learners complete training, L&D has accomplished its mission. But this emphasis on completions is changing. Forward-thinking organizations are evolving from a focus on completions to a focus on … Read More

ResourceWorx is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Ottolearn, an Adaptive Microlearning platform created to improve knowledge retention.

What is Microlearning? It’s often defined as short, easy to consume courses which can be delivered over any device, including mobile phones. But is that all that’s needed for learner engagement and retention? If you took a 20-minute SCORM course and converted it into four 5-minute modules instead, would that be a better experience for your learners? Would their engagement … Read More