Beauty Distributors

A platform to help you win on the salon sales floor

BrandFocused For Beauty, through our eCommerce platform and knowledge network, provides you with a fully managed retail solution targeting retail relationships on your behalf.


Retail Salons Offer an Online Opportunity

Distributors can now sell through salons and stylists, with personally curated product collections in their own online stores. Salons Direct makes your inventory more available and manages the selling process with full customer support and accountability for maintaining the integrity of your professional product lines.

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Brand Knowledge Management Improves Point of Sale Opportunities.

BrandFocused For Beauty provides an online knowledge network aimed at onboarding new members and improving product knowledge conversations at the point of sale by providing learning content and marketing resources for our seller community.

Distributors can use our knowledge network to create public or private communities useful for managing brand content or marketing information for their sales teams.

Participating brands can offer training and rewards programs for added incentives.

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Easy Order Tracking and Fulfillment

When an order is initiated, distributors receive an email notification to determine product availability. Once confirmed, Salons Direct will send you a purchase order with shipping details for each customer. Each confirmation email has a direct link to our supplier dashboard for easy reconciliation of all current and previous orders.