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      Customized solutions to fit any industry

      It All Starts Here With Your

      Knowledge Network

      A private knowledge network is the heart of your system.

      A Platform Built For Better Product Knowledge Management

      BrandFocused is the only brand knowledge solution that combines intelligent Adaptive Micro-learning with an online private social learning network to provide content management, communication, syndication & publishing with advanced learning analytics into a unified customizable platform.

      • Customized Content

        We take your existing training materials and convert them into e-learning modules and assessments that help to achieve your company’s training goals.

      • Adaptive Micro-learning

        We deliver better results because our platform is based on proven learning techniques, like Spaced Repetition, microlearning and gamification.

      • Knowledge Management

        Our approach means your employees learn more quickly and remember training for longer, so you see an improved ROI compared to our competitors.

      Our solution provides the tools for companies to create a more knowledgeable, engaged and productive workforce, while improving the customer experience.

      Brand Knowledge Management
      Improves Point of Sale Opportunities.

      BrandFocused For Experts provides a managed online knowledge network aimed at onboarding new members and improving product knowledge conversations at the point of sale.

      By providing consolidated learning content and marketing resources for our seller community, we can raise the bar on how product knowledge is managed and retained.

      Brand management teams  can use our knowledge network to create public or private communities useful for managing brand content or marketing information for their sales teams.

      Participating brands can offer training and rewards programs for added incentives.

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      Built Exclusively For Your Retail Business

      Share events, communications and assets to make sure your entire team is informed and engaged. Decide who sees what based on your unique business rules – permission settings are yours to control.

      Customize It To Fit Your Needs

      Create custom user groups, roles and locations based on your business needs and control who has access to what. With BrandFocused you’ll be able to easily configure your brands, groups and roles, add users and locations, and share content based on your settings.

      Manage Data From One Central Source

      BrandFocused makes it easy to upload, organize and share your company assets. Post images, spreadsheets, reports, PDF documents, video files and more. With your custom user groups, you’ll have complete control over which users have access to which assets.

      Easily Integrates Into Your Existing Technology

      Our platform solutions can easily work with your existing technology infrastructure. BrandFocused works well with any existing LMS or CMS extending your current technology investment.

      Enhance Your Network With Ottolearn

      Adaptive Micro-learning for Exceptional Knowledge Retention

      Ottolearn is the next generation of learning management technology. Using cognitive brain science, the focus is on achieving an outcome based learning objective. Users are individually profiled by completing mastery moments consisting of short, daily knowledge engagements.

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      • Adaptive Micro-learning

        Simply tell Otto what each learner needs to know, how deeply they need to know it, and for how long they should retain it. Otto will take care of the rest.

      • Mobile First, Desktop Friendly

        OttoLearn is everywhere. Use OttoLearn with your favorite browser on any device. Learners can download OttoLearn’s iOS or Android app to get push notifications and stay engaged anywhere..

      • The Real Rapid Authoring Tool

        Microlearning content should be as quick and easy to create as it is for learners to use. With OttoLearn, it is. Otto’s integrated Content Studio lets you create and deploy content shockingly fast.

      • Visualize Your Success

        OttoLearn has a gorgeous suite of data visualization tools. See your user results in a wide array of data analytics.

      • Knowledge Cards

        OttoLearn’s knowledge cards are the perfect performance support.

      • Deliver Global Learning Experiences

        The Otto platform is intensely multilingual. You can choose from one of our pre-defined language sets or define your own for ultimate customization.

      • NEW Update! Leaderboards

        Gamification with leaderboards OttoLearn comes with built-in leaderboards designed to maximize learner engagement and accountability with your training program!

      • Coming Soon! Rewards Store

        A rewards store where learners can redeem points for gift cards.


      Our technology stack is built for your future success

      BrandFocused in committed to providing the best technology solutions available for retailers and brands.

      Thousands of brands in dozens of countries across all major retail and industrial categories want to create better point of sale conversations with the people who connect with your customers. Your sales professionals are those people.

      "The best source of brand information comes from the brands we work with."