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Product Knowledge Networks

The BrandFocused Solution offers industry specific
Product Knowledge Networks for connecting
brands to sales professionals

Join BrandFocused or create your own private community of experts.
Increase sales by improving the last mile of the sales journey through better point of sale conversations.

BrandFocused = Increased Brand Advocacy

Brands can now participate in a private community of experts to have conversations about products and innovations, test new ideas, send out surveys and more.

Knowledgeable Retail Community

Connect to sales associates in a consolidated managed learning environment built by community, focused on retail.

Retail Advocacy

Increase your brand advocacy at the retail level to drive sell-through and sell in for your products.

Strength In Numbers

Confident & knowledgeable sales associates make 22x more buying recommendations than average consumers.

More Conversions

Engaged sales associates can maximize up to 2X existing sales opportunities to drive increased sales and sell through.

Ottolearn = Drive Greater Sales Performance

Sales associates need a better solution to improve engagement and accessibility to multiple devices and evolving work environments. Let us show you how greater knowledge retention and engagement is possible within your current learning ecosystem.

Customized Content

We take your existing training materials and convert them into e-learning modules and assessments that help to achieve your company’s training goals.

Adaptive Micro-learning

We deliver better results because our platform is based on proven learning techniques, like Spaced Repetition, microlearning and gamification.

Knowledge Management

Our approach means your employees learn more quickly and remember training for longer, so you see an improved ROI compared to our competitors.

Mobile First, Desktop Friendly

Use with your favorite browser on any device. Learners can download OttoLearn’s iOS or Android app to get push notifications and stay engaged anywhere.

In an effort to drive continuous learning, we recommend a subscription delivery approach that works by initiating:
Multiple exposures to content over time to provide the spaced repetition of content that is proven to build knowledge retention. 
Daily short sessions to offer learners opportunities to practice recalling and applying information in different ways, solidifying retention and understanding.

Adaptive, personalized content is always relevant to the learner.

Learners hate being required to cover content they already know or, even worse, content that does not apply to their job.

Adaptive Micro-learning targets content to each learner based on their job role, their personalized learning goals, and their performance throughout training. 

This targeting uncovers — and eliminates — each learner’s knowledge gaps, without frustrating them by delivering content they already know.

Use game elements and gamification to drive motivation

The quickest route to improved training outcomes is improved training engagement.  Increasingly, eLearning designers and developers are turning to gamification — adding game elements to online training content — to accomplish that engagement boost. If gamification is done right, that’s a great approach.

Each learner is motivated by different things. That makes creating online training that appeals to and engages all learners challenging, to say the least!

Some game elements, though, have near-universal appeal. These include:

Telling Stories

Presenting content as a narrative is far more likely to grab and hold learners’ attention than presenting lists of facts and screens full of dry text. Create characters learners can relate to and tell stories that include scenarios learners might face on the job and you’ll have engaged learners who will remember and apply the training content. 

Letting learners see their progress

Providing formative feedback and showing learners when they gain or lose a mastery level shows them, at every step along their learning journey, how they are doing and what they have left to master.  

Offering meaningful challenges and goals

Adaptive algorithms deliver relevant content to each learner that pushes the learner to the edge of their knowledge, challenging them to dig deep and remember, apply, and grow. 

Step into the future of online training with BrandFocused

Our solutions boost training outcomes because they are tailored specifically to your needs and your learners. Call our experts to start planning your online training ecosystem today.

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